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7 days money-back guarantee

Tizzy® Cloud provides the customer with the best and suitable support of reliable service all the time to the companies online. At times not every company likes the services provided by us and we do understand the situation. Not just the free trial, but we offer a money-back guarantee to the potential customers for building faith. Our services are well designed using the new tools and technology, but at times every company does not feel the need for new advanced techniques and technologies. Here we offer you the complete money-back guarantee within 7 days.

So, if in case you are thinking to stop using our services for some other reason, our experts will make sure to cancel the plan and get back your money as soon as possible. We have the supporting team of experts present all the time for support. Come up with the query related to any service and our team will present the alternative solution possible. If ending services from us is the only choice, we will be valuing the customer choice and will return back the money.

We will help to make things right

  • In case if you are facing any issue from our domain or the service, just feel free to contact.
  • You can submit the online cancellation if ending the service is your last choice. 
  • Free cancellation along with the complete refund will be transferred to you within 7 days.

We have the policy to define every service, so before availing any service from our organization you are requested to read the complete detail. The cancellation is possible within the given time frame so please abide by the policy of Tizzycloud.

Customers who desire a refund can contact our officials at Tizzy® Cloud in case of any query.