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Amazon AWS

Tizzy® Cloud is one of the best service providers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and aims to help the business organizations to obtain less changeable costs replacing infrastructure-related high expenses across diverse verticals.

With our robust Amazon AWS service, there will be no need for anticipating and getting the IT ground-work done in advance. Rather, you will get a chance to use Cloud-Technology to accomplish swift results in a large number of servers virtually. As an IT framework administration, our Amazon Web Services and cloud computing assistance ensure an effortless, handy, and extremely reliable framework platform in the cloud.

The Amazon AWS service by Tizzy® Cloud has been endorsed by a large number of companies across the globe and our service framework is compelling and safeguarded against the impacts of disturbances and other malfunctions. Amazon AWS comes with Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Lightsail., Amazon VPC, Amazon Aurora, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon RDS and AWS Lambda service.

Benefits of Choosing Tizzy® Cloud For Amazon AWS Service

Enhanced Usability

Our Amazon AWS allows applications providers, vendors and ISVs to host your business applications promptly and safely for both existing and new SaaS-based applications. Our service further utilizes AWS Management Console and additional well-documented web services APIs to let your organization access the hosting platform of AWS’s application.


Our service for Amazon AWS makes the cloud transformation of on-location stockpiling very easy and the cloud substation gives an excess of data on your business site, including documentation and instructional videos to start with AWS as well as their diverse facilities. Our Amazon AWS service operates with a Partner Network that is composed of expert firms that assist your organizations' customers structure, migrate, engineer and manufacture.


Tizzy® Cloud's service of Amazon AWS empowers you with freedom in the selection of programming language, operating system, database, web application platform and the required assorted services. Our service allows you to enjoy a virtual environment where you can load various required application services and software. This higher flexibility and convenience makes the migration process highly effortless for existing applications as well as offers preserving options for creating the latest solutions.


By embracing our service for Amazon AWS , you only have to spend in storage, computing power, and the required resources with no long-term agreements or up-front loyalties. Whether your company is a huge venture organization or a start-up, with our service you can economize during service needs only. Our AWS services ensure economical pricing and it is one of the excellent benefits!

Reliable and Scalable

Our Amazon AWS services allow you to enjoy a secure global computing infrastructure which is highly scalable and reliable. Our assistance empowers you with ultimate handling of AWS tools for Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling of your applications. Our service is backed by the all-inclusive infrastructure of Amazon and our exclusive service provides you with access to computing and storage resources as per your needs.


The Amazon AWS service of Tizzy® Cloud aims to secure and solidify your business IT infrastructure by using an end-to-end approach including physical, operational, and software models. Thus we ensure robustly safeguarding your company from potential data leaks and the opportunity of hacks. We offer well-perceived agreement statements and our service sticks to global protection laws.

Let's get started with Tizzy® Cloud's Exceptional service for Amazon AWS