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Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a domain name system that interprets human-readable domain name from a machine-readable IP address. The system of Amazon Route 53 includes Amazon S3 buckets, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers and Amazon EC2 instances.

The Route 53 system connects the user infrastructure beyond the AWS system. Perfectly compatible with IPv6, Amazon Route 53 effectively boosts business dominion in a dependable and cost-effective way. Amazon Route 53 replies to all the inquiries with the assistance of the global DNS servers network. The advantages of AWS Route 53 are-

  • You can build and operate the public DNS with easy-to-use API of AWS.
  • You can register an available domain title easily.
  • You only have to pay for domain management of the listed domains in AWS.
  • You can perfectly configure DNS health checks while routing traffic to a good end-point.
  • You can personally monitor the health of the applications as well as their endpoints.
  • The routes 53 also allows you to control various important route management systems like Weighted Round Robin, Geo DNS, Latency Based Routing and Geo Proximity.

Profitable Features of Amazon Route 53

Simple Domain Management :

With the help of Amazon Route 53, you can effectively search available domains and register at a very low cost, then you can further assign the current domain to control by Route 53.

Traffic Reduction :

With the help of Amazon Route 53, you can direct website visitors to other virtual locations to bypass site interruptions.

Latency Based Routing :

AWS endpoint conducts LBR that offers the fastest user experience and concrete performance measurements of the various AWS areas where your application is operating.

Traffic Management :

Amazon Route 53 allows one to use a visual editor for finding important resources and run DNS name updates quickly. The latest configuration modifies the user experience and routes end visitors to the best endpoint according to various considerations like health, latency, geo-proximity etc.

Why You Should Opt for Amazon Route 53 by Tizzy Cloud

Tizzy Cloud Service is powered by Amazon Route 53 that features various management console benefits for a business website domain. It provides a web-based UI that supports various digital devices to control and view the resources on the go. It further helps you to balance the website traffic loads by posting requests to particular endpoints based on the geographic location. Amazon Route 53 is compatible with other AWS Apps such as Amazon Cloud front distributions, Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon EC2 instances and other amazon resources.

Tizzy service providers ensure robust Amazon Route 53 security with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) so that you can attain access licence for unique credentials and allow users within the AWS account as well as limit the access as per the needs. Amazon Route 53 is highly reliable and it sets a solid traffic flow on your business website. Contact Tizzy cloud service to enjoy the exceptional benefits of Amazon Route 53!