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Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans

Do you know that unplanned outages can result in losses of more than $9000 every minute along with a negative effect on the business reputation, and productivity loss? Well, needless to say, no firm is immune to severe security, weather breaches, or outages. However, a majority of them don’t have DR (Disaster Recovery) as well as business continuity solutions which keep up with your businesses. Now, you can ensure business consistency with the complete spectrum of disaster recovery and backup options that are available with Tizzy Cloud. Simplify operations, reduce costs, and avoid complicated IT silos while meeting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

At Tizzy Cloud, enjoy the high levels of resiliency and availability with the customized disaster recovery and data protection solution for achieving your goals.

Have a look at how the more cost-effective, a simpler approach was taken by us can bridge the gap between where the data protection is currently as well as where it should be.

RAID Technology

Our experts use avant-garde RAID hardware for protecting every piece of data on the server against the hard-disk failures. This technology works through producing the mirror of all the data on over a single hard-disk automatically, without delay i.e., every information is written for multiplying hard-disks simultaneously. This way, in case of any hard-disk failure, the device will be labeled as deactivated as well as the system will work as if nothing has occurred through utilizing a copy of the data on other hard-disk(s).

Want to know the best part? You don’t have to make any special code alterations or changes in the web application/site for this technology to work. When it comes to both, the capability of maintaining 100% uptime and data protection, RAID systems provide you with a relevant benefit over the Non-RAID ones since the system consistently functions perfectly in case of any disk failure.

Moreover, RAID technology also slightly improves various services’ performance on the server. As soon as the hard-disk fails, the notification alerts are sent out so that a failed hard-disk can be replaced by system administrators. The system continues to work normally as such despite disk failures, utilizing a mirror of the data on additional hard-disk(s).

Weekly & Daily Server Backups

Significant data exists throughout several locations on the server. The subject-matter professionals at Tizzy Cloud has done inclusive research along with preparing a complicated backup scripts which automatically maintain the copies of every important folder and file securely, on the pre-defined regular interval, in a way so that we can restore the server in the shortest possible time if a total failure occurs.

(Only useful for Web Hosting Packages) Your backup policy manager

Each of our services involves your crucial data. The majority of our products have the built-in backup manager that offers cost-effective and comprehensive security by permitting you for defining quite flexible backup plans which will secure the important data. The Web-based backup policy manager offers a one-step easy-to-use wizard to describe the backup scope, backlogs, and backup frequency.