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Data Security

Tizzy® Cloud offers you with the data security tool under which the entire software is secured using the right channel. Companies thinking to do online must seek such a tool as it is the best way of managing the database. Tizzy® Cloud offers you with the best security feature along with the anti-spam features that can help in managing the safety of your data.

Companies online can run smoothly under the supervision of the Tizzy® Cloud experts. Some of the support offered is:

Bayesian Filtering :

It is a suitable method that can offer protection from the spam attack. Tizzy® Cloud provides a team of experts who can help in securing the entire mail incoming from outgoing. It adds up to the right level of safety when it comes to spam. Bayesian filtering is considered as the spam builder that can help in identifying the bad mail and drain it out from the system. Our experts are well versed with such technical tools that can run all the time with better support. 

DNS Blacklisting : :

Under such a tool, we make a sure blacklist of the mails that might add up with the spam. All you need to do is just select the right real-time blacklists under the help of the expert at Tizzy® Cloud. Data security in cloud computing is managed perfectly using the help of such tools

Domain keys :

The implementation of tools provided by us allows you to remove the messages or the domain key that can work wonders for better business growth. All the Administrators can build the criteria that can make the tools more complex.

Message Filtering :

You can make use of the message filtering so as to send the message in a filtered way. It will help in detecting the fraud or the spam that might filter the spam if any. Our team of experts is specialised in offering such a tool and safety that can help in building better business success. All the messages that are in the junk folder can be removed by our experts keeping in mind the security concern.

Data Transmission :

The complete security of the data transmission is followed under our control. Tizzy® Cloud is here to provide protection to the data that is stored in the company. All the data may be sensitive or crucial needs to be provided with great safety. TLS support along with the message transmission can work wonder for any company that is thinking to set the online business.

Tizzy® Cloud importance to us

We are reputably looking forward to offering the best support in a way that you can easily look forward to boosting the business accurately. Offering up the support of the relay control can be the best way of getting over a spam attack and handling the data in the best possible way. Our experts look forward to clearing all the junk mails that might either lead to Trojans or the worms.

So, avail the best support under our guidance and present the support to your online business.