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Database Management Services

Tizzy® Cloud is one of the best providers of database management services and we offer best-in-class services to some of India’s preeminent companies, across diverse industries.

Our team of experts holds an in-depth knowledge of both – open and closed source databases and our individual aim is to help businesses to implement best-suited solutions for fastidious improvement of various organizational provisions and industry goals.

Tizzy® Cloud's Database experts are well-versed in addressing the new-age data management requirements of data-driven businesses to leverage big data and analytics. With a vast experience of Oracle database management, Tizzy® Cloud Services ensure the highest availability and excellent performance for the IT infrastructure of your business.

Our Database Management Services

  • Database upgrades & migration
  • Database tuning & optimization
  • Database schema modelling
  • Complex database solutions
  • Scalable data lakes
  • Standard industry testing
  • Enhanced platforms and infrastructure
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Compliance assurance
  • Installation & configuration
  • Consulting & cost control
  • Encryption & masking
  • DBA-team augmentation
  • Data security assessment & audits
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • Patch Management
  • Architecture Design & Performance Tuning
  • Administration & Monitoring
  • Security Management & Backup/Recovery Management
  • Database Upgradation & Migration

Key Benefits of Choosing Our Database Management Services

Tizzy® Cloud leverage a variety of open-source along with advanced commercial tools to facilitate all-inclusive, scalable database management solutions for our clients. Our custom solutions are thoroughly optimized with artificial intelligence and machine learning aptitudes. Moreover, Database Management Services can be modified and modernized according to the existing systems to extend the life of the investment. From scalability and adaptability to speed and congeniality, Tizzy® Cloud combines exceptional service with enterprise-grade standards for industry leaders who aspire to stabilise their data capabilities cost-effectively. The advantages of choosing our service are-

Dynamic Support :

We provide 24/7 immediate assistance to overcome any complexity or issue. With excellent protection and straight-laced authorization, we ensure that your datasets remain private and only accessible by authorized users. From examining the patches and control panel to refreshing and configuring additional courses, our service ensures that everything is running smoothly.

Coordination with DBA Experts : :

Our dedicated team of Database specialists possess years of practice in database development and maintenance. They are extremely skilled and own an all-embracing understanding of all the technologies that can be utilised to create a secure database system. Our specialists can manage all the complexities and threats with strong solutions.

Quick Deployment of Solutions :

Our Database Management Services implement smart solutions to direct database systems and smooth operation during the access. Our experts make sure to master problematic incidents and ensure maximum protection of your assets and confidential information.

Scalability & Flexibility :

Our database management services are scaled according to the demands of users. On the gradual growth of datasets, we make sure to expand the database capacity for supplementary assets. Without transforming other connected programs, our service makes sure that the latest updates will be executed with high composure.

Embrace Efficient Database Management Services by Tizzy® Cloud!

Tizzy® Cloud has been delivering expert services and solutions in the database management division and our incredible services embrace every significant industry with sincere professionalism. Our offering and gratitude are constantly encouraging us to become a leading IT services provider in India.

Our clients have been enduring huge advantages through our services like 24/7 reporting and maintenance, procedural approach towards every problem, 100% client satisfaction, integrated advanced solutions and extremely secured database and cloud services. So whether you host database management services or multi-dimensional databases of sub-datasets, Tizzy® Cloud has the best database management services for each requirement.