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Host your business email on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.

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Mail Premium

₹ 2388 / Per User /Per Year

GST 18% Additional

50 GB per user


Features of Zoho Mail

Zoho Workplace's dashboard brings together all Workplace apps in one integrated view. Personalize your collaboration dashboard as you see fit and stay updated on your activities.

Give it a personal touch

Customize your dashboard layout. Rearrange, remove, or add app widgets, and create custom widgets from existing ones.

It's always up-to-date

The Workplace dashboard syncs data in real-time and makes collaboration effortless. Emails, chats, notifications, announcements, and everything else you see in the dashboard are updated in real time.

Quick Access and Search across Zoho

Get more done in less time. Open the Quick Access tab and type out your desired action instead of manually searching for the field. You can also look up anything across Zoho Workplace apps with the universal search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Mail’s Free plan supports up to 5 users in an organization. However, when a 6th person joins in/ is added, you need to purchase 6 paid licenses i.e., your entire organization has to move to a paid plan, to continue using our service.

Yes, you can mix and match Zoho Mail and Zoho Workplace plans based on the size of your organization. This option is exclusively available on the yearly subscriptions of our paid plans. Drop an email to for tailor-made plans that suit your organization.

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. We also accept payment via NEFT bank transfers and cheque transfers for yearly subscriptions. For more details, please contact

We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Our facilities feature stringent 24/7/365 security with video monitoring, biometric access, and advanced fire, flood, and theft monitoring systems. Our network security system employs the latest encryption and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.