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Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS is a solid, flexible, low-latency DNS serving of worldwide networks by Google. You can use Google Cloud DNS for high-volume authoritative DNS serving on Google's infrastructure with high production quality.

You can enjoy reliable, low-latency access using Googles' anycast name servers from anywhere in the world. While talking about automatic scaling, Google Cloud DNS can be used to scale to vast numbers of DNS zones and records. Millions of DNS records can be created and updated perfectly while handling query volume automatically by name servers of Google Cloud DNS. To host your own DNS servers on-premises Cloud DNS by Google is a simple and affordable option and you can also use it for other third-party DNS services.

Outstanding Features of Google Cloud DNS

Authoritative DNS lookup :

Your domain names can be quickly translated by cloud DNS into IP addresses

Fast anycast name servers :

To serve your DNS zones from irrelevant locations around the world, a global network of anycast name servers is used by Google Cloud DNS and it also provides great availability and lower latency for excellent usability.

Scalability and availability :

DNS records/zones, as well as a vast number of zones, are supported by Cloud DNS. Google Cloud DNS ensures 100% availability of Google's standard name servers.

Zone and project management :

With the effective use of Google Cloud DNS, you can build managed zones, add them, edit them and delete DNS records for your individual project. Permissions can be also controlled at a project level by using Cloud DNS. It also helps you in monitoring the propagation of modifications in DNS name servers.

Manage through API and web UI

With the help of Google Cloud Console, DNS records can be managed. You can also manage your records by using the scriptable gcloud command-line tool which is extremely easy to operate. You can create a private customized DNS interface by attaining access to the fully-featured REST API

Special zones

For your special Google Cloud networks, an easy-to-manage internal DNS solution is provided by private DNS zones that also eliminate the necessity to provision and operate further software and resources. Moreover, hostile agents can have no space to have access to your internal network information as DNS queries for special zones are limited to a private network.

DNS forwarding

You can bridge your on-premises as well as Google Cloud DNS environments with the help of DNS forwarding, in case you have hybrid-cloud architecture. You will be able to use existing DNS servers as an authoritative fully managed product. This intelligent caching executes efficient performance of your queries without third-party software or the necessity to utilise your personal compute resources.

Cloud Logging

A record is logged for each received DNS query from VMs by Private DNS and it also sends inbound forwarding courses in your networks. DNS logs can be viewed in Cloud Logging and logs can be exported to any destination that is supported by Cloud Logging export.

DNS peering

A secondary method of sharing DNS data is prepared by DNS peering. You can configure a division of the DNS namespace for sending from one network to another. Then all DNS configuration will respectively be defined in the inspected network.