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Tizzy® Cloud is featuring the superiorly smart IBM Cloud DNS Services. This cloud-driven DNS Services will empower you to leverage hostname-to-IP resolution for your company's virtual private cloud (VPC) by IBM interface computing instances. It will effectively elucidate your network activity by bypassing the requirement to remember complex IP addresses when you attempt to launch connectivity between your VPC networks. IBM cloud DNS is powered by the following features-


The Domain Name System comes with private as well as public name resolution in IBM infrastructure generation I and generation II Cloud VPC networks.


Both DNS resolutions, hostname-to-IP (Forward) and IP-to-hostname (Reverse) are supported by IBM cloud DNS.


The cloud-driven DNS by IBM has a high potential to multiple DNS issues in all IBM Cloud multi-zone regions (MZR) as it comes with high-availability (99.99%) DNS resolvers.

IBM cloud DNS

IBM cloud DNS features split-horizon aptitude to support both private and public addresses for the corresponding DNS circuit.

Domain Name System

The Domain Name System by IBM supports a Go software development kit (SDK), application program interface (API), command-line interface (CLI), user interface (UI) and Terraform to provide the ultimate adaptability in managing and accessing diverse DNS records.

Free of Charge

Lastly, IBM cloud DNS comes with very industry-competitive pricing that allows one million DNS queries of the first zone at a free of charge.

Benefits of IBM cloud DNS For Business

Build DNS zones and handle name resolution from authorised VPCs :

Our IBM Cloud DNS Services presents a convenient network for connectivity, making it simpler to resolve and maintain hostname-to-IP records for your business's IBM VPC networks. It effectively helps you in creating DNS zones and populating these DNS zones with DNS records to allow the authorized VPC networks to access sensitive information. The service can simplify the administration of your virtual interfaces as you transfer or develop fresh cloud-native applications utilising various IBM Cloud VPC instances.

Effortless management of multiple DNS zones and records :

DNS records/zones, as well as a vast number of zones, are supported by Cloud DNS. Google Cloud DNS ensures 100% availability of Google's standard name servers.

Secured private-network DNS records :

IBM Cloud DNS Services comes with high-class built-in security capabilities for exceptional control. It allows you to have swift access to add/remove/modify data in DNS zones and effortlessly set access policies for users and account resources. Our IBM Cloud DNS protocol is assigned with IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management and it collectively corresponds to the special permissions for the team members of your IT management. Moreover, your company's manager, security executives and auditors can track user-initiated activities by using integrated features of the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA software records and modify the state of a service. Choosing Tizzy® Cloud for this robust IBM Cloud DNS security highly useful to investigate unusual movement and critical operations and comply with regulatory inspection terms.