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Microsoft Azure DNS

A hosting service, Azure DNS provides name resolutions for DNS domains by using Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. You can handle your DNS records with equivalent credentials, billings, APIs and tools as additional Azure services by using hosting domains in Azure. But one thing to remember is that a domain name can not be purchased by using Microsoft Azure DNS.

However, using App Service Domains, a domain name can be bought for an annual free. Alternatively, you can also use a third-party domain name registrar for the same. Once you bring the title, your domain is ready to be hosted for record management in Azure DNS.

Features of Microsoft Azure DNS

Reliability and performance :

In Microsoft Azure DNS, the domains are hosted on the global DNS name servers' network of Azure. Anycast networking is used by Azure DNS and the closest available DNS server answers each DNS query to give a quick performance and essential availability for your domain.

Security :

Powered by Azure Resource Manager, Microsoft Azure DNS comes with various security features. One of the features is Role-based access control that regulates the user's access to special operations for your company. Another security stan is advanced monitoring of activity logs in your organization. It determines the users' activities in the modification of resources and the discovery of an error during troubleshooting. Lastly, Resource locking is another security protocol that is used to lock a resource/resource group and subscription. Accidental deletion or modification of critical resources can be prevented by your organization's members by resource locking feature of Microsoft Azure DNS.

Ease of use :

For your Azure services, DNS records can be perfectly managed by Azure and it can provide DNS for your outside resources too. Azure DNS is one of the integral features of Microsoft Azure portal and the same support contract, credentials, and billing is used as your additional Azure services. The number of hosted DNS Zones in Azure and the received numbers of DNS queries determine the DNS billing. The Azure portal can be used for managing your domains and records. You can also use the cross-platform Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell cmdlets for the same. You can use the REST API and SDKs to integrate Automated DNS management applications with the service.

Customizable virtual networks with private domains :

Private DNS Domains are supported by Microsoft Azure DNS and this feature lets the users utilize their private custom domain names in the private virtual networks instead of Azure-provided names.

Alias records :

The sets of Alias Records is supported by Microsoft Azure DNS and an alias recordset can be used to refer to an Azure resource like Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoint, Azure Traffic Manager profile, and Azure public IP address. During DNS resolution, the alias record set seamlessly updates itself, in case if the underlying resource IP address gets changed. The set of alias record points to The IP address associated service instance.

To learn about DNS zones and records and to create a zone in Azure DNS, contact Tizzy® Cloud now!