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Microsoft Azure

Tizzy® Cloud provides Microsoft Azure service to help multiple business organizations to create and scale up their hybrid computing infrastructure to align with their industry needs. By embracing our exceptional service for Microsoft Azure Cloud, your organization can effortlessly save and handle various significant data, create complicated web pages, enhance the cyber-protection and promote agreement operation.

The exclusive Microsoft Azure is an on-demand public cloud platform, and Tizzy® Cloud service provider helps the companies to get integrated with this cloud structure to achieve ultimate business freedom to manage, create and deploy custom web apps utilising the development tools and frameworks as per their preference.

Our Microsoft Azure’s core services include Azure Computing, Azure Networking, Azure Storage, Azure Analytics, Azure Backups, and Azure Disaster Recovery. Our Microsoft’s cloud-based services further facilitate advantages for technical users in the division of IoT and Blockchain. We ensure a high level of customization of Microsoft Azure services for both large enterprises as well as small businesses alike and we help the organizations to choose the required services, platforms and virtual infrastructures.

Business Advantages of Microsoft Azure

On-demand scalability :

When it comes to growth or downsizing, our promising services for Microsoft Azure ensure ultimate scalability for any infrastructure-related investment and we integrate your IT infrastructure to Azure's cloud framework enabling your organization to expand the space for storage and computing power on demand. Our service ensures maximum capacity in both long-term expansion projects and short-term traffic bursts. Our Azure assistance allows your organization to adjust your service contracts to limit the disturbance of high-load applications.

No on-site hardware required :

Embracing our Microsoft Azure service, your organization can eliminate the need for on-site hardware by shifting significant data, computing processes and applications to the cloud. Due to convenience or compliance concerns, if your company needs to keep some business processes on private servers, our service for Microsoft Azure allows your organization to create a hybrid cloud setting utilising Azure’s high-level networking features.

Cost-effective subscription models :

Our service for Microsoft Azure only changes according to consumption-based pricing structure and this cost-effective approach empowers enterprises for enhanced IT budget management. Driven by the usage-based model, Azure is extremely useful for reducing infrastructure expenses, streamlining cross-departmental workflows, and decreasing the burden put on in-house IT management.

Enterprise-level development tools :

By embracing our service for Microsoft Azure, companies can create, use and maintain their personal custom web apps utilising a variety of modern tools and programming languages. This adaptability allows you to build next-generation applications and also utilize a multitude of management resources. Moreover, Tizzy® Cloud's Azure’s end-to-end community platform emphasises dedicated measuring environments so that your company can optimize internal web apps as well as customer-facing experiences.

World-class cybersecurity :

Our Microsoft Azure service is driven by an advanced encryption security process to keep your entire data safe. Microsoft’s data centres are equipped with proxy card access readers, two-tier authentication, and even biometric scanners. We ensure a multi-layered security model with Azure’s built-in security tools that perfectly help in maintaining integrity, privacy and availability of sensitive consumer data. By adopting our Azure service, your business will be completely safe against data breaches, DDoS attacks, malware and other evolving threats.

Connect With Tizzy® Cloud To Enjoy Excellent Microsoft Azure Benefits!

Tizzy® Cloud's Microsoft Azure Service offers more than 35 agreement obligations particular to the requirements of key industries like manufacturing, government, education, health care, finance and more. With Azures' configuration management features, built-in compliance tools and guidance resources, Tizzy® Cloud supports companies to maintain a pace with the evolving regulatory guidelines. Our service for Microsoft Azure presents great availability and verbosity. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!