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Software Testing Services

Tizzy® Cloud's outstanding Software Testing Services help your organization to ensure that the technical software is completely functional, stable, protected, and user-friendly. We have years of experience and our proficient experts are ready to take up a testing project of any scale and intricacy. Our service introduces an adequate quality conviction process and enhances your software quality management policy.

The team Tizzy® Cloud operates in association with Independent software vendors (ISVs) and software service companies to provide your company with state-of-the-art quality assurance of software. We have an influential software testing delivery paradigm that helps in releasing bug-free software/applications. Tizzy® Cloud Professionals and skilled test engineers possess a comprehensive experience of software testing services. Our premium service includes defect analysis, inspection cases, test plan, execution, bug reporting, hazard assessments and recommendations.

A-List of Our Expertise in Software Testing Services

  • Software Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Embedded Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Automation Testing

What are Our Offering in Software Testing Services

QA outsourcing :

Tizzy® Cloud has a dedicated unit of domain-qualified QA engineers who flawlessly conducts quality assurance processes. Our experts further take the responsibility of the QA process management and perform end-to-end analysis during the software development life cycle to make sure that all the modules perform as planned from inception to conclusion.

Managed testing services :

Tizzy® Cloud's proficient test team conducts superior testing of an individual part of the whole scope of your entire software activities on a pay-per-unit basis. The experts take complete charge for the test process management and the analysis of feature characteristics of the software under inspection.

Project-specific testing services :

The testing engineers accomplish independent 3rd-party testing according to your company's specifics and our software testing services also includes the execution of required testing types or analysis series to get impartial feedback on the condition of your application.

QA consulting :

Tizzy® Cloud and the testing team help in discovering the root causes of the quality problems of your softwares. Our customized solutions are designed to address them by implementing a QA process audit and outlining expected QA process changes. We further prepare an optimal QA strategy if you begin a project and we assist you in validating product and process certification.

Quality assessment :

Tizzy® Cloud's Software Testing Services includes auditing your software from diverse angles such as security, usability, code quality, performance and functionality. Our testing team offers a comprehensive report that contains the list of the discovered issues and guidance on how to requite them.

What Makes Tizzy Better Than Other Service Providers?

Tizzy® Cloud has expertise and proficiency in multiple testing software and technologies. Our testing team is comprised of skilled experts who are expert in hand-operated and automated testing. Our software testing services are formulated particularly to satisfy the client’s demands. We have compiled high-grade practices into a systematic testing methodology. We are capable of providing budget-friendly, bug-free solutions utilising the combined delivery model. Our qualified test engineers will leave no scope for bug occurrences for ultimate safety in software operation. By embracing our software testing services, you can count on our courteous skills and process saving your overhead expense.