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Tizzy® DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) by Tizzy® Cloud is a hierarchical distributed classification system that operates for your business computers and various technical resources connected to the Internet connection or a private network. Tizzy® DNS incorporates multiple data with domain titles of the participating entities.

It effectively translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses to sustain the required purpose of your business's integrated channels of computer services and devices worldwide. Our outstanding Domain Name System can be a vital part that can enhance your technical proficiency through punctual internet functionality of your company's primary directory service.

Tizzy® DNS dynamically manipulates the internet's two principal namespaces of the internet- Internet Protocol (IP) address spaces and the domain name hierarchy. Our DNS system not only serves the specific purpose of translating services but also empowers your business website to securely change its IP address in real-time processing billions of requests on the Internet at the same time. Our DNS name server ideally collects the DNS records for a domain name and responds accurately to queries with answers against its database.

Advantages of Tizzy® DNS System

By leveraging Tizzy® DNS server powered by AI-cloud system, you can gain enhanced results, limit expenses and enjoy better IT proficiency. Tizzy® is a superiorly managed DNS service provider and we have the global DNS infrastructure along with in-depth DNS expertise to ensure vibrant success for your business! The exclusive benefits of our Domain Name System.

Dedicated DNS design and management resources :

We design, operate and protect a universal DNS network to implement in-house for enterprise-grade DNS performance without wasting much time.

Global Performance and Scalability :

Tizzy® DNS service controls large-scale anycast networks with various locations of presence around the globe and expedites DNS resolution by automatically directing queries to the closest PoP, assuring constant user experiences with on-demand bandwidth that further supports surges in traffic throughout the peak load period.

High Availability :

Our Domain Name System operates highly flexible networks that geographically distributed throughout global data centres and deploy entirely unnecessary servers while installing links to assorted ISPs to ensure constant service in the crisis of equipment malfunctions or network blackouts.

Strong Security :

The DNS service by Tizzy® Cloud necessitates a multilayered strategy to security and implement a variety of measures to build trust and protection against threats by proactively updating security policies and systems to prevent malicious cyber-muggings and alleviate risks.

Easy-to-use APIs :

Tizzy® DNS service provides advanced development tools and APIs for ensuring impeccable streamline integration with external applications while automating customary DNS configuration tasks.

Why You Should Choose Tizzy® DNS Service?

Your website's quality interaction is greatly determined by the DNS performance and poor action can cause sluggish page loads, unhappy customers, and succumbing business. DNS performance and availability are necessary for superior user experience. If your websites' DNS query responses are slow due to internet blockage, it deliberately impairs the user experience. Again if your DNS infrastructure is unreachable due to equipment issues, network interruptions or a DDoS assault, users fail to obtain the data and content on your site.

Tizzy® DNS services enhance DNS performance with superfluous resiliency, and scalability to ensure excellent user experiences universally. Moreover, your online assets such as applications and the digital content often remain in the corporate data centre and some might be dispersed across a CDN, Tizzy® DNS can effectively steer the users to the exact source. Contact us to obtain all the benefits of our exclusive Domain Name System service now!